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Asking someone which Vietnamese restaurant in the Washington DC Area (DMV) they think serves the best phở soup is a tough question as there are hundreds to choose from. It is hard to even keep up with, let alone narrow down which ones have the most distinguishing taste yet flavorful and authentic quality of broth. The question mostly, or always, ends up in a heated debate whether this restaurant or the other has the perfect bowl of phở.



Beloved for so many reasons

Phở has gained popularity in the food world for its history, its heritage, its tradition, and of course, for its taste. Phở is well-known for its long-simmered beef bone broth with charred onion and ginger, with slices of beef (Phở Bò) or chicken (Phở Gà), served with slurpy rice noodles and topped with various fresh green herbs. The richness of the broth is well complemented and the taste is totally adjustable with spices and sauces on the side like hoisin, lime juice, and Sriracha.


If your love for Vietnamese cuisine is big enough, you will soon find that Vietnam is not only famous for Phở, but also for other delicious and sophisticated foods with unique taste like bún bò Huế, bún riêu, and Bánh mì. If you know all the above but have never paid a visit to Eden Center, you are missing out on one of the most enriching places with insights into Vietnamese culture and cuisine right in the DMV area because Eden Center has it all.

Washington DC’s premier destination

for Vietnamese cuisine and specialties


ince 1984, Eden Center has been home to more than 120 family-owned restaurants, shops, supermarkets, jewelry stores and travel agents catering to the Asian American population. All stores are concealed within a conventional strip mall with direct access to the sidewalk and parking lot near the crossroads of Seven Corners in Falls Church, Virginia.


Walking around the mall for 5 minutes, it’s not surprising you would see more than 30-40 restaurants, and nearly all of them serve phở. That’s why we are proud to say, “Eden has it all. All in one place.” Due to the grueling and fierce competition between stores, Eden Center restaurants offer the best quality authentic food at a reasonable price and friendly customer service.

Speaking as a social media manager for Eden Center as well as from the perspective of a customer, I have found that all the restaurants have done a pretty good job at keeping the place clean and the food quality excellent. I personally have not had a chance to try all the restaurants but I am on a mission to try every food option from every Eden restaurant to capture Instagram-worthy pictures and give honest feedback about the food for others who are new to the area. It’s been one great experience loving and learning about the Vietnamese cuisine here!

As for where to find the best bowl of phở?

If you haven’t tried all of Eden Center options, you may not have all the information that you need to make your decision. Just try out a bowl of phở here and you won’t be disappointed! For the complete list of every stores, click on the button below:


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